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WPC Fences

WPC fence panels are made of a combination of recycled woods and recycled plastic that is made into boards similar to wood. These fences mix high quality PE plastics with cellulose fiber and extrudes them into a variety of profiles. Wood Plastic Composites are superior to wood in their extreme durability and maintenance requirements. With wood fencing you will eventually get to experience rotting, swelling, twisting, fading and splintering. WPC are immune to those conditions. With our WPC fences you can forget cracking from weather or insects. Our wood plastic composites are made from recycled materials and are safe, environmental friendly and do not contribute to deforestation.


6ft x 6ft per panel    (11 piece)


Different colors.

Red Wood/Silver Gray/Charcoal 


6ft x 6ft per panel         (9 piece)

WPC Post

Aluminum Metal Post