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Vinyl Fence (PVC)

Q: What is Vinyl fence?

A: Vinyl fence is a type of plastic fence made with PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The PVC resin is combined with special ingredients that give vinyl fence exceptional impact strength, durability and weatherability.

Q: What is the lifespan of Vinyl fences?

A: The average lifespan for a vinyl fence is 50 years.

Q: Will PVC fences become brittle in winter?

A: PVC fences will not break or crack unless subjected to unusual impact. However, they will become less flexible in cold weather conditions.

Q: Will PVC fences crack, chip, peel or rot?

A: Vinyl fences will never crack, chip, peel or rot.

Q: Are PVC fences maintenance free?

A: Yes, they are maintenance free. However, an annual washing of the fence is recommended to keep it looking new.

Q: Will PVC fences mildew or collect mold?

A: Please note that when PVC vinyl fences are subjected to extended damp weather, vinyl fences will collect mold and mildew. But it will be easily cleaned with a solution of mild household detergent and water.

Q: Which is better: Vinyl or WPC fencing?

A: While Vinyl and WPC fences are different from each other, both offer advantages over traditional wood fences such as having little or no maintenance, no paint required and require little cleaning. In addition, these types of fences are immune to pests and fungus as well as being resistant to fire. Vinyl fences are fences that have plastic molded into the panels. WPC fencing is a combination of recycled woods and recycled plastic that is made into boards similar to wood. If you want a lightweight and durable as well as inexpensive option, go for Vinyl. If you want a slightly more expensive but better looking fence, go for WPC.

WPC Fence

Q: What is WPC?

A: WPC is a green building material; it is made out of 60% natural wood fiber, 30% eco-friendly HDPE materials and 10% chemical additives such as anti-UV agent, anti-oxidation agent, reinforcing agent, stabilizers, colourants, anti-fungus agent, coupling agent among others.

Q: What are the main advantages of WPC products?

A: It looks like natural wood and is durable and firm due to it’s high density. It has a high degree of UV and color stability and the temperature durability is between negative 40 degrees celsius to 60 degrees celsius. In addition, there is no painting, no glue and little to no maintenance required. WPC fences are made of 100% recycled materials for environmental protection.

Q: How long is the lifespan of WPC fences?

A: Over 50 years.

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